The signage design studio’s interiors

This short note is a tour guide of a typical, modern day graphic design studio. Like most innovative studios, it has its own brand and way of doing things. Here, they like to talk about directional signage. It could have something to do with helping clients find their right direction in terms of sending the correct message over to their target markets and attracting the desired foot or viral traffic. The design studio, to accommodate its chosen graphic design and architectural tools, all operating from the iconic Apple Macintosh, otherwise known as the Mac, is custom designed.

Optimizing space, the studio operates across two floors. The surrounding environment is appealing for focused work conditions, situated in a residential area where there is far less noise than found in a typical urban city or metro business district environment. Work stations are placed in such a way to allow for direct person to person communications, encouraging the sharing of design ideas and briefing notes on project progress. Data is always preserved by way of using no less than three Mac servers with more than thirty terabytes of storage capacity.

Designers hug, not hog, their Macs. In fact, many of them grew up with them – the designers with their Macs, that is. They are all online and onboard to help their clients design or put together their own in-house branding manuals. This is a practice this wayfinding design studio utilizes to promote its own business forward. And these are not young buds or millennials we are talking about here. Work and client experience still counts for a lot.  This has a lot more benefits for the stressed clients who are treated courteously with patience and reassurance.